Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®) Mass Spectrometry


Advion has direct sales of licensed ASAP kits for their "Expression CMS" Mass Spectrometer. (

ASAP® probes are currrently available for the following instruments:

Agilent Technologies:

Interfaces for 1100 LC/MSD, 1100 LC/MSD Trap, and 1100 LC/MSD TOF and all newer instruments which accept the APCI only source housing.

Bruker Daltonics:

Interfaces for Bruker instruments including MicrOTOF, MicrOTOF-Q, UltrOTOF-Q, and Esquire HCT Series, as well as apex iV and apex-Qe FTMS instruments.


All AccuTof models. (Requires APCI only source housing)

Thermo Fisher:

All Thermo Fisher mass spectrometers with Ion Max, Ion Max NG, and Easy-Max NG sources. (Requires APCI probe or HESI probe) and/or (APCI Corona Needle Adapter for Ion Max NG and Easy-Max NG instruments)


Waters/Micromass LCMS Instruments with the Z-spray "Fishbowl" source including Q-TOF Micro, Q-TOF Global, Q-TOF Ultima API, Q-TOF API, ZMD, LCT, Quattro Ultima, Quattro Ultima Platinum, Quattro II, QuattroLC, Q-TOF I, and Q-TOF II.

Our product line continues to grow as we develop probe interfaces for other mass spectrometers. If you are interested in an ASAP probe for an instrument which is not currently on our application list please contact us at

All probe kits are priced at less than $10K. Contact our sales office for current pricing information at