Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAPĀ®) Mass Spectrometry


An ASAP probe kit for the Thermo Ion Max NG and Easy-Max NG sources is now available. Email for a Quote.

AB Sciex ASAP probe is now available for all instruments with the Turbo V  ion source. Email for a quote.

Three new adapters for the ASAPĀ® technique have been introduced this year.

A new SPME adapter has allowed the use of SPME fibers to preconcentrate samples before desorption using ASAP. The adapter is designed for use with the Supelco SPME fiber holder, catolog number 57330-U, used for manual sampling.

Two new pyroprobe adapters are available for the CDS Analytical Inc. line of pyrolysis units. Adapter are availble for the 1/4' shaft pyroprobe used on the CDS 2000 pyrolyzer, as well as the new 1500 HTD 1/2' interface pyroprobe.